Warm threshold is, in a nutshell, the entire door and balcony structure sealing system consisting of threshold profiles, drip caps, draught excluders and accessories (threshold connectors, drip ends).

waterproof | warm insert | for 71/82/83 systems

The advantages of the Decco Aquatherm system:

  • Modern and original shape of threshold and drip profiles
  • Very low threshold – only 20mm high
  • The threshold consists of an aluminum part and a warm PVC part
  • Effective drainage of the threshold
  • Up to five brush gaskets can be used in drip in different places, creating the best combinations of waterproof and airproof
  • Dedicated threshold connectors for the Decco 71, Decco 82 and Decco 83 systems (for both window and door frames)
  • The connectors are equipped with an aluminum securing element exceptionally high strength of the door frame/threshold connection, which ensures very high stability of the structure during transport and assembly