Decco 82 profile sets the latest trends in the window industry. Modern ascetic design provides windows with a unique character. The product has universal properties. It enables application of a wide range of glass packages – from standard to thickest, from basic to special: warm, soundproof and safe.

The profile is characterized by its width and stability.

Uw 0,76 W/m2K | 6 chamber | 81 mm wide | 2 gaskets

The advantages of profile

  • 6-chamber system with the installation width of 81 mm
  • Possibility of application of many kinds of glass packages with the thickness from 23 mm to 54.8 mm!
  • Grey or black gaskets
  • Wide range of decorative foils
  • Extended reinforcement chambers to increase window stiffness and enable execution of all correctly designed structures
  • Four colors of core offered: white, caramel, anthracite and dark brown
  • Contains complete door system
  • Optimum profile assembly height providing up to 5% more light in comparison with other systems in the same class (in two-leaf window) with the dimensions of: width 1,465 mm height 1,435 mm)
  • B class profiles in accordance with the standard PN-EN 12608: -1:2016- 1:2016-04
  • Perfect thermal insulation. Uw = 0.77 W/m2 K for the reference window
  • Production technology developed together by Decco engineers and world leader in manufacturing tools, Greiner
  • In this system it is possible to apply the technology of pasted panes, which enables creation of oversize structures
  • Possibility of application of polystyrene insert


2-glass package
24 mm Ug 1,0/Wm2K
spacer bar SWISSPACER V, argon


3-glass package
48 mm Ug 0,5/Wm2K
spacer bar SWISSPACER V, argon


4-glass package
52 mm Ug 0,3/Wm2K
spacer bar SWISSPACER Ultimate, krypton